CRE Investment Trends in Europe

5 May 11 am CET

  • What asset classes are perfect for investment, and how you can invest in the short and long term?
  • Is there an imbalance between the amount of capital chasing deals and the number of properties available on the market?
  • How has cover-19 affected demand for small-ticket loans?
  • What happens to cap rates moving forward?
  • Emerging valuation techniques adapted to the current situations
  • Inflation becoming a bigger problem? What does it mean for CRE investors?

Real Estate Finance and Restructuring

6 May 11 am CET

  • Which real estate sectors are facing the largest distress in the face of the ongoing crisis?
  • What lenders look for in evaluating a borrower and a project, such as credit strength of borrowers and guarantors, loan-to-value ratios, and debt-service coverage ratios?
  • Best practices in negotiating a workout with a tiered lending structure.
  • Disruption in rent collection
  • Lender strategies for managing a defaulted loan – forbearance and restructuring.
  • The lender perspective on the inflation effect on CRE Market.
  • What are the forthcoming challenges when the policy in supporting the real estate market is withdrawn?

Speakers Include

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