June 29, 2021

Hyatt Regency Hesperia Madrid Hotel

DD Talks is coming to Madrid to bring together senior investors, banks, funds, servicers and real estate experts active in the Spanish Non-Performing Loans market.

At the end of February, the ratio of bad loans at Spanish banks stood at 4.55% of total lending, still below the pre-pandemic 4.82% in February 2020.However huge amounts bank loans are currently subject to COVID-19-inspired moratoria in Spain. These could turn into NPLs in the months ahead.

Bank of Spain sees significant risks to financial stability despite recent improvement.The measures applied by the authorities to mitigate the impact of the crisis are delaying the emergence of delinquencies.

What awaits for the Spanish NPL market in Post Covid time? 

Keynote Speaker

Ángel Estrada

General Director of Financial Stability, Regulation and Resolution
Banco de España

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